WUG week

It’s WUG week again! Over the next two sessions I’ll try and show you all what I think is needed for a successful uke session, as a short transition from being a dictatorship to becoming a democracy. There’s a few simple things you can do to try and make sure a song works the best it can do and everyone can have a go at them with their chosen song. The aim of this is to try and make the group less reliant on just one person, so in January you can all pull together for the group to work. If this sounds daunting, it isn’t, and it’s only for a couple of session and then we can just have a bit of a party  on 19th December!

See you all tomorrow.

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    Hi, sorry I can’t be at the uke meeting today.  I think I should be working on my piano as my arpeggios are not up to scratch and they all need to be by tomorrow’s lesson as the exam is quite soon now.   On the uke front though I bought a finger picker, (I think it is called that) at Howard’s suggestion two weeks ago.   I will be at the next session, and I am sorry to miss this one.  Regards to all Neville


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