Meet the WUGgers

MHWUG founder and leader Michael started playing the Ukulele in a workshop at Shrewsbury Folk Festival in 2013, because he fancied a go on a fretted instrument. He enjoyed it so much that a year later he set up WUG. He is an ex-professional classical musician and teacher who won the Walter Todd award in the BBC Young Musician of the Year too many years ago! He plays a Kala tenor, a Pepe Sanz bass and an Ohana Tiple and, at some point, when money allows, he wants to get a concert. He is currently a student at Plumpton College studying countryside management. He is always trying to improve his uke playing so he can keep one step ahead of the players in WUG, which is becoming increasingly difficult! His favourite WUG song, at the moment is “This train is bound for glory” – a simple song to play, but has loads of energy and the possibilities of lots of harmony singing and improvising solos. When not WUGing and studying, Michael enjoys walking (especially with his wife & dog), camping, photography, playing the piano and nature watching (particularly birds, butterflies and wild flowers).

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